Industrial Energy Monitoring System operational in 5 days

Out-of-the-box insights into your plant’s energy efficiency, costs and CO2 footprint.

Insight into energy consumption has resulted in these savings









There is a need to reduce global emissions on the road to Net Zero. However, many industrial companies are still struggling to understand their energy consumption.

The out-of-the-box Energy Monitoring System from Analytics for Industry combines proven AVEVA technology and powerful dashboarding tools to make your data available to you in less than 5 days

Always validated data and up-to-date KPI’s

Have you already tried to manually link all data?

  • Then you know it’s incredibly time-consuming to build and maintain
  • You must have had numerous issues with your data quality
  • You probably have dozens of spreadsheets
  • Hours, sometimes days of manual labor are required every time you need to fill them with new data
  • You’re always playing catch-up and never up to date with correct information.

Insights are just one click away

Standard KPI’s

Insights in energy efficiency, energy costs, and CO2 footprint (from plant to equipment level).


Understand how events such as start-up, shutdown, or CIP impact your performance.

Multisite Support

Designed for multisite use to support client needs from shop floor to enterprise.


Advanced benchmarking capabilities between sites, assets and products.

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Proven technology and Out-of-the box

EMS is a standardised software package based upon proven AVEVA technology. It contains a set of pre-defined dashboards adjustable to your specific needs.  The solution runs fully managed in our cloud environment. Dashboards are included and are available in your own PowerBI or Tableau environment, eliminating the need for “yet another tool” and integrated in with your IT/OT strategy. EMS can be implemented in less than 5 days. New sensors, lines, plants or sites can be added in no time.

What differentiates us


Designed to be self-service at every step of the process.

Automated flow

All energy data normalized and converted to the most used engineering units.


Get alerts and notifications on anomalies on your mobile device


Easy to scale

Extend the system with new energy meters and other relevant data within minutes

About us

As Analytics for Industry, we support companies with a dedicated team of 50+ OT professionals; we have offices in Benelux and Scandinavia. In addition, we ensure optimal support and maximum return on investment by providing you with support in 12 languages.

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