Discover the hidden treasures
in your data with our
Data Discovery Workshop!

  • Expert workshop tailored to your organization
  • Rapid iterations and strategic analysis
  • Uncover hidden insights for strategic decisions, operational efficiency and cost reduction
  • Comprehensive approach integrating technology, change management and AI expertise

At AVEVA Select Benelux we work every day to assist Manufacturing businesses to make sense of the data they generate every day.

“Thanks to systems such as Historian and MES, the amount of process data being historized has increased exponentially.”

This offers new opportunities to exploit the potential of this data for optimization purposes. However, working with data also requires skills other than you might have available today. Not only software knowledge, but certainly also in the area of change management.

Do you also have the ambition to become a data-driven organization?
Do you have a vision in which the application of the latest technologies such as AI play a crucial role?

We understand that managing and analyzing large amounts of data requires knowledge, capacity and commitment can therefore be a major challenge. For these reasons, we have developed a track where we use our knowledge about the technology and lessons learned to take our customers and partners to the next level in data analytics.

The Data Discovery Workshop:
Unlock the power of your data!

We explore your existing data with your team and stakeholders

We map use cases, advise on feasibility and business impact 

Swift iterations in just a few weeks time with working reports

We guide you through the different maturity steps

We strongly believe that your existing data from the process is full of hidden insights that can help you make strategic decisions, improve operational efficiency and discover new opportunities related to cost reduction.

Where are you in your data journey?

In this video we explain the importance of combining organizational change together with the right technology. David explains the 5 step Data Journey model to you.

What can you expect?

The Data Discovery Workshop has 3 variants, depending on your needs.

1 Day | Data Discovery Workshop

1 hour free consultation
Followed by 4 hours On-site meeting (dependent on consultation criteria)
Report with our findings

What do I get?

In an interactive half-day session we will discuss:

  • Your organization,
  • The available process data and
  • How it is currently being used.

We are curious to know what optimization initiatives are already in place and who the stakeholders in them are.

Based on that, we map use cases and advise on analytical feasibility and business impact. Together we determine whether there is sufficient data to get started.

1 Week | Proof of Value

1 hour free consultation
4 hours on-site meeting (kick off)
Max 40 hours expert consultancy

What do I get?

During a Proof of Value we will work hands-on with your data to develop use-cases. We will engage with you and your colleagues, identify the most valuable use cases and together determine what could benefit you most. This can be done with a data extract or on top of a live environment.

The goal is to provide a concrete idea of the untapped potential of your data. In addition, we advise you on how to take the next steps into your Data Journey.

1 Month | Full Data Discovery Journey

1 hour free consultation
Two x 4 hours on-site meetings (kick off + roadmap)
Max 80 hours expert consultancy
Includes software demo licenses

What do I get?

During our Data Discovery Workshop, we will not only evaluate your existing data, but also provide support in improving your data collection processes.

By contextualizing and structuring data, you can gain a deeper understanding in trends and patterns within your business. We will deliver initial reports so that you can immediately benefit from the insights discovered.

Finally, we will present a detailed roadmap to guide you in taking both short and long term steps to increase your data maturity.

Want to know more about how we will help you?

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