Reduce your Industrial Energy Consumption.
With our supercharged data insights.

Bundle, transform and visualize energy- and process data and empower insights driven actions! Cast off your blinders, step out of the black box and base your sustainability initiatives on compelling evidence!

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Out of the box
Energy Monitoring

Are you tired of trying to make sense of your energy and process data? Is your challenge not to find energy efficiency solutions, but to decide what projects to invest in?

Plug your data into our energy monitoring engine and let us provide you with insights that fuel your decision making and align sustainability with the core of your business.

Ready for Better?

Insight into energy consumption has resulted in these savings









Still wondering why you need an EMS?

Have you already tried to manually link all data?

  • Then you know it’s incredibly time-consuming to build and maintain
  • You must have had numerous issues with your data quality
  • You probably have dozens of spreadsheets
  • Hours, sometimes days of manual labor are required every time you need to fill them with new data
  • You’re always playing catch-up and never up to date with correct information.

“Our goal is to produce at least as much volume, but lower the amount of CO2 per ton of product. EMS gives us the right insights to see if this is being realized”

Program Architect Data Driven Manufacturing of a Leading food manufacturer

What differentiates us

Slice and Dice for Next Level Insights

Build data relationships that were not visible without the contextualizing power of our engine. Unlock the potential of time slicing.

Synergize resource and process data

Leave assumptions to your competitors and gain insights into energy consumption down to product-batch level

PowerBI & Tableau dashboards

We hate silos too. Integrate energy monitoring into your existing dashboarding tools and bring sustainability to the core of your business.

Self-service user interface

Give your entire organisation access to intuitive data analytics and support and grow a culture of continuous improvement.

Want to learn more?

Your support tool for continuous plant optimizations

Boost profitability

Identify ways to improve the bottom line performance of individual

Remove Variation

Inspire teams to find ways to improve underperforming production lines

Prioritize investments

Simply knowing what project will deliver the biggest effect feels so good

Want to learn about energy performance optimization examples?

Our approach

Proven data-driven efficiencies

We’re a bunch of data specialists dedicated to supporting companies with serious sustainability goals, using solid data to drive impactful change. This is what we offer.

Up and running in 5 days

Built for immediate impact, our software delivers insights today, not tomorrow. Simply subscribe and plug in your data.

Yearly subscription 

Experience guaranteed impact with our solutions, with the option to cancel after one year

Harnessing the power of many

Leveraging years of industrial expertise and partnerships with certified, successful data-driven companies, our solid technology foundation from Aveva Select allows for continued domain expertise growth.

Daily Energy Dashboard

Quick view of you current and 2-week trend illuminating your most important energy KPI’s.


Quickly drill into your data with the intuitive filter pane: per site, date, area, asset, machine, shift, production status, product or batch

Energy Consumption per hour

See your energy consumption per hour together with the state of your equipment at that specific moment

    Energy efficiency per batch

    See your energy efficiency per batch compared to your specific equipment, and drill into your efficiency per hour


    Focus on your Energy consumption per day while comparing your Workunit Efficiency and how they use Water, Electricity or Gas

    Energy efficiency per product

    Compare different equipment making the same products, getting a clear view of where energy is used for the same product. Visualise energy setpoints and averages to compare equipments.